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TRANSLATE!--Dummmmmmy 21 oktober 2007 kl. 14.33 (UTC)

Here you go:

”Nintendo sixtyfoooooooooooooour! Oh my god!”

~ Nintendo 64 kid om Nintendo 64
Nintendo 64 is a gaming console from Nintendo which was released January 1st, 1964.
The name, Nintendo 64, was derived from the fact that it came 1964, but also because of the 640 000 tries required to bring and develop the console. The system had one of the best controllers, and they were widely known to give thumb problems which could give the player lots of fun for ours, while they sat and waited for surgery. Also, this system didn't use CDs, but thick plastic cases, giving it an incredible durability, since you could throw the games into the wall without breaking them. The wall would break in stead, quite often.
Many people also say 'N64' just because they're too lazy to say Nintendo 64.
Not one of our top quality articles, I know. And you can go to the English Uncyclopedia in stead. All of their articles are in English :o – Smidde ( DiskussionBidrag ) 21 oktober 2007 kl. 15.35 (UTC)